We at Mindmap bring in a difference to the table on selection procedures. Mindmap never compromises on quality through the 'candidates selections, screening and finalisation' before referring the candidate to our clients. We understand the reason behind the trust in hiring an human resources solutions company like us when our clients can easily get a list of resume from job portals. We at Mindmap do not only assess the candidates and their resumes, but the real people behind those resumes. We believe it is not achievements of a candidate is great talent but the passion in him which brings out the real talent. Our process-based and personalized approached ensures that the client receives candidate who are eligible for just one thing, i.e., the clients requirement with satisfaction. This proves that we command a conversion rate of 1:5 as compared to an industry average.

Finding the right Candidate

We know that a slow screening process can prevent you from landing that dream candidate. And a hasty incomplete screening process can burn you if you hire a less-than-desirable candidate. We at Mindmap screen ever resume to deliver accurate, timely information for the clients, so that they can hire the right people the very first time. In most cases, we source the candidate from our internal database for talented candidates who may currently not be actively looking for a new job, but may be interested in a good offer. We also have our strategic alliances, personal networks and contacts at other professional organisations to widen our search.

Shortlisting and verification of candidates

Once we identify the right candidate, we will check the candidates' background information and within in two-three days! In this two to three days we make sure to check the selected candidates do have the hard and soft skills that are necessary for the required profile and also conduct a background check, and verify the work history and professional references provided by the candidate. We work closely with our clients to make a informed and confirmed decisions to finalise a quick hiring!

Finalising the job offer and follow-up

We help our clients to give a final job offer, managing negotiations, and securing the signed offer letter from the candidate. We also have an ongoing follow-up process where we work with the client and the candidate to ensure that the on boarding process goes without a hitch.